Master of Science in
Information Technology
A two-year program designed for students who seek higher IT professionals. Students will learn theoretical knowledge as well as hands-on practice.
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Theory  & Practical
2 Years
Outcome Based Learning
IT Trends focused
Theory with Hands on Expereince
Knowledge-Based Systems
Decision Support Systems
Information Modeling & DBS
Business Intelligence Modeling
Human Computer Interaction
Information Retrieval Systems
Internet of Things (IoT)
Data Science and Data Analytics
Big Data
Data Science
Internet of Things
Machine Learning
Computational Intelligence
Evolutionary Computation
Research in Focus
Faculty of Information Technology
Internet of Things
Information of Everything
Advanced System Architecture
Mesh App and Service Architecture
Autonomous Agents and Things
Advanced Machine Learning
Ambient User Experience
Faculty of Information Technology
Faculty of Information Technology
Trainee/Computer Operator
Analyst/Architect/Project Manager
Program Manager/Deliver Leader
IT Strategist/Chief Architect/IT Leader
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
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Master Science in Information and Data Science (International)


Information Technology

Program Overview
The Master of Science Program in Information and Data Science (International Program) is designed for those keen on analyzing data and synthesizing valuable information. The program offers not only core analytical courses such as data analytics, machine learning, and large-scale data processing, but also value adding courses such as user experience design, information security, and Linux system administration. Students will be equipped with the knowledge and skill in data science and in creating business and scientific values. Job opportunities for the graduates are data analysts, data scientists, information technology strategic planner, researchers and other professions related to data and information processing.

The program covers two years of study, comprising four mandatory courses, four selective courses, and a research thesis. Students will enrolls six courses in the first year. In the second year, students will progress through their master research along with the two remaining courses. Normally, students should confirm their research topic in the research proposal examination during the first semester of the second year. In due course, the students will take progress examination to update their research with the faculty and to receive feedback. At the end, the students will present their final research in the defense examination.


Some highlighted courses in the program are as follows.
– Data analytics
– Machine learning
– User experience design
– Research methodology
– Cloud computing
– Internet of Things
– Information security
– Linux system administration
– Large-scale data processing
– Non-relational database

Semester 1 starts in August and Semester 2 starts in January.

For Thai students, the admission is administered by the Graduate College.
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For overseas students, the faculty will handle your application.
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