Doctor of Philosophy in InformationTechnology
Prepared for those who are applicable for advanced research to received advanced degree, Ph.D. in IT.
Begin Now
Conduct Research
3 Years
Advanced Information Modeling and DBS
Advanced Computer Network
Advanced Network Security
Advanced Network and Information Security
Advanced Data Mining
Advanced Visual Information Retrieval
Advanced Research Methodology
Need 12 credits
Research Method
Targeted for ISI and Scopus Journals
Dissertation 36 Credits
Ph.D. Roadmap

Seek out an advisor & submit tentative proposal with application

First year

- Enroll in four courses
- Exploring research potential
- Reviewing research literature

Second year

- Qualification examination
- Confirming research topic
- Proposal examination
- Continuing literature review
- Conducting research

Third year onward

- Continuing research
- Research publication
- Writing thesis
- Defense examination

Example Research Areas
Computational Intelligence
Machine Learning
Data Mining
Business Intelligence
Network & Security
Cloud Computing
Wireless Network
Wireless Sensor
Image Processing
Signal Processing
Pattern Analsis
Artificial Intelligence
Human Computer Interaction
Computer Vision
Software Engineering
Ontology & Semantic Reasoning


The Ph.D. Program in Information and Data Science (International Program) offers advanced courses and focuses on researches in data science area. The program offers core technical courses such as algorithm for information and data science, visual information retrieval, data analytics, and information usability, and research support courses, such as innovative thinking and research trend in information and data science. This program is designed for those who have passion for knowledge discovery and making contribution to academic and science community. Job opportunities for the graduates are researchers in the field of information and data science, university lecturers, consultants, and other professions requiring advanced knowledge and skills for the analysis and management of data and information.

The program covers three years of study, comprising two mandatory courses and two selective courses to be enrolled in the first year. From the second year onward, students will progress through their doctoral research. The Qualifying Examination is to be taken in the second year prior to the research proposal examination. In due course, the students will take progress examination to update their research with the faculty and to receive feedback. At the end, the students will present their final research in the defense examination.



Some highlight of coursework are the subjects as follows:

Advanced research methodology
Algorithm for information and data science
Advanced visual information retrieval
Advanced data analytics
Information usability
Academic skill for information and data science
Research trend in information and data science
Innovative thinking in information and data science



Semester 1 starts in August and Semester 2 starts in January.

For Thai students, the admission is administered by the Graduate College.
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For overseas students, the faculty will handle your application.
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Faculty of Information Technology, KMUTNB, and Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Fern University in Hagen, Germany, have signed an MoU for academic cooperation and have continually collaborated in the area of computer science and modern information technologies. One of the collaborative project is a double degree or bi-national program in which students who enroll full time at the Faculty of Information Technology, KMUTNB, can also defense their thesis for an additional degree from Fern University in Hagen, under supervision of professors from both universities. For more information, please follow this link. (