IT-KMUTNB SIGN 6th Floor 25%
IT Starts Here.
The sign of Faculty of Information Technology is located in front of Navamintra Building. We are at floors 3-4-5-6 & 7.
IT starts Here
All classrooms equipped a video camera for video on demand recorded for further study.
The labs contain high performance computing machines and virtual desktop infrastructure for independent study.
MS students @ Faculty of IT, KMUTNB, are eager to learn, deep research and be able to apply, but are full of friendship and fun.

New Network and Security Laboratory equipped with Cisco & MikroTik.

Network Lab

Computing machines for research, full of supports from lecturers and supporting staff .
Computer Labs
Our lecturers are experienced, practical, willing, & helpful.
Our inter & national conferences provide for researchers, professors, and students to present their work and new findings.
Training on Demand
Civil Service Officers from Cambodia came for Network Security Workshop funded by TICA.
MS Programs
IT, MIS, DN are 2-Year Programs with 36 credits offered in our Faculty.
Research Orientation
Our students were listening to a special talk on Research Topic Selection.
Ph.D. in IT
3-Year Ph.D. Programs are available both in International and Thai Programs.
High Performance Computing
The 32-core KITEN Cluster is equipped with 4 IBM servers with Intel Xeon eight-core, 2 GHz speed, 24 GB ram, L3 Cache 20 MB.
Mikrotik LOGO
IT, MIS, DN start here
We are here.
FernUni-KMUTNB Binational Degree Poster